How to increase your internet speed ?

Check all modem and router cables to ensure solid and clean connections

Dirty, dusty, or loose cables leading from your cable or DSL modem to your wireless router or directly to your computer can cause significant reductions in your internet speed. Clean all connections regularly and maintain proper ventilation around all electrical components to avoid overheating. The quality of your Ethernet and DSL cables can play a small role in the overall speed of your Internet connection. Purchase cables that are rated specifically for your desired purpose, and replace cables as they become worn or outdated.

Complete a free online bandwidth test to determine your current Internet speed

Various online sites offer free testing of your current Internet connection speed. This test will take a matter of seconds and will provide you with both download and upload speeds on your current connection. Complete a bandwidth test prior to making any significant adjustments or upgrading your Internet service. That way, you will be able to determine the exact effects of making changes to your computer or your service. Test your bandwidth again after each adjustment and record the results.

Remove any unnecessary programs from your computer that may be using up bandwidth by running in the background and using your Internet connection.

Use the Add or Remove Programs feature of your Control Panel to remove any programs which you do not use regularly. You may also access the Task Manager by hitting "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to see if any programs are running in the background which you do not want. Remove any programs you no longer need or want, but be cautious of deleting items if you are unsure of their purpose or function on your computer.

Turn off any Internet-connected devices when not in use.

Many electronic items other than computers now come with Internet-ready capabilities. These might include cell phones with Wi-Fi access, i Pods or other MP3 players, printers, gaming systems, and even televisions. When these devices are turned on, they may be using up bandwidth from your internet connection even if they are not being used. Power off all devices after use to ensure that your bandwidth is dedicated to actively used devices only.

Consider increasing the Internet connection speed from your service provider.

Households or businesses sharing one Internet network for multiple users may find that the only solution to slow online speeds is to expand the bandwidth of your Internet service provider. Contact your Internet service provider and mention that you are interested in upgrading your service. Ask if they would consider a trial or evaluation period for you to test a higher service to see its impact on your Internet speed prior to signing a contract or long-term commitment.