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DNS Server for Bsnl Broadband

BSNL has their own DNS server . Sometimes it just works fine some time some users feel slow .  Your location is very important while choosing  DNS servers .  A Good DNS server can improve your Browsing experience . It will not increase your line speed ! Actually What DNS server Does ? In my knowledge it just resolves  a domain name to IP address e.g.: is the domain name and it is hosted IP address is So faster you get IP address it will improve the browsing experience  .  Websites Just Get Loaded Faster .

Which DNS Server You should Use ? BSNL default DNS server or Other ?

Which one is working best for you you can choose that !!

Test Each DNS server and choose Less Ping Server !  Test Can be conducted in 3 different times and take the average .

How to TEST speed of a DNS Server ?  Click here to Learn More


BSNL Broadband High Speed DNS Server List

1) [This is Google, DNS - Worth Trying]

Preferred DNS server 
Alternate DNS server


Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server


Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server


Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server

5) (Thank you  Govind for sharing This [Worked for many users])

Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server

 Run a Free Internet Speed test on It Will Work on Your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Without installing Additional Plugins or Application.

How to change DNS server settings in Windows8

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux

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  1. Govind says:

    Preferred DNS server
    Alternate DNS server

  2. india’s fastest dns by tata

    both domain name is same ( ) means they are same but not exactly.

    one more which is

    and domain is

  3. these above dns are beset and working faster than any bsnl dns use them guys

  4. these dns are beset

    india’s fastest dns by tata

    both domain name is same ( ) means they are same but not exactly.

    one more which is

    and domain is

  5. parveen says:

    thanx ,.its working

  6. aadi says:

    thanx for this info my net fast very very thanks

  7. Aviral Mediratta says:

    Of all the DNS mentioned above, the one posted in the main thread was the fastest for BSNL in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It gave me a ping of 51 ms.

    It is:
    Preferred DNS server

  8. Aviral Mediratta says:

    Also the other DNS which I found useful in the same region are:

    DNS server
    DNS server

    Aviral Mediratta
    Studio Eyeworks, Ahmedabad

  9. Raj S says:

    Best I found at 1640 hrs Pune, MH are:

    Thanks all specially Aviral, Govind and Vishnu.


  10. JG RENEE says:

    IN tamilnadu BSNL DNS Server Are

    Primary :
    Secondard :

    It Is 100% Working.

    Israel Info Tech, Dindigul.

  11. moreno says:

    Please try this application for automatic DNS server benchmark. It will recommend the fastest/closest DNS server to your location. Program is written for windows and linux.

  12. Nivethan says:
    is working with awesome speed

  13. kushvanth says:

    thank you govind

  14. swarnim says:

    high speed

  15. Lalita says:

    It works, I got better speed now.
    Thank you.

  16. thangavel says:

    Thanks for the details! My old bsnl works stable now with the new DNS server (

  17. balu says:

    great govind it works

  18. lakha says:

    Hi All,

    i am using bsnl broadband and following DNS is working for me

    Preferred DNS server
    Alternate DNS server


  19. pp says:

    Are there any safety issues in using
    instead of my local DNS

  20. Subramanya says:

    DNS are working fine as compared to others

  21. Benny says:

    Preferred DNS server
    Alternate DNS server

    Works for me well, I didn’t try other IPs.

    I configured it in my PC rather than the WiFi modem. Should I do it in my PC or in Wifi modem? Any advice?


    • vishnu says:

      Configure it on your WiFi router itself. That is enough. Your config. Also works no problem. :)
      Try namebench and find the best.

  22. Suhas says:

    The DNS servers response depends on the time of the day you check for them and also their load at that time. I got as the fastest by a mile and followed by, , & in second place. This may not be the same for everyone. Just check for a brief amount of time or use any software and you will know.

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