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BSNL Broadband Unlimited Plans 2015 (4 Mbps to 24 Mbps)

The most popular and affordable plans for Power users. BSNL Broadband unlimited plans with speed varying from 4 Mbps to 24 Mbps. This are ULD! Unlimited with different speed. For example BB Home Combo ULD 999 is unlimited! but speed is upto 4 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB. The main advantage of unlimited plan is you can use your broadband as much as you can and it will never go beyond monthly charges. You only need to pay fixed broadband charges plus tax.

Broadband unlimited plans with speed varying from 4 Mbps to 24 Mbps

Plan #1

 BB Home ULD 999

Bandwidth  Upto 4Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB

Monthly Charges (Rs) 999

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #2

 BB Home ULD 1275

Bandwidth  Upto 4 Mbps till 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GB

Monthly Charges (Rs) 1275

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #3

BBG Combo ULD 1495 @

Bandwidth  Upto 4 Mbps till 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GB

Monthly Charges (Rs) 1495

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #4

BBG Super Speed Combo 1745 VDSL

Bandwidth  Upto 8 Mbps till 30 GB, 512 kbps beyond

Monthly Charges (Rs) 1745

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #5

BBG Combo ULD 2799

Bandwidth  4 Mbps upto 30 GB, 2 Mbps beyond 30 GB

Monthly Charges (Rs) 2799

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #6

BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL

Bandwidth  Upto 16 Mbps till 80 GB, 512 kbps beyond

Monthly Charges (Rs) 2845

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #7

BBG Super Speed Combo 3445 VDSL

Bandwidth  Upto 24 Mbps till 80 GB, 512 kbps beyond

Monthly Charges (Rs) 3445

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

Plan #8

BBG Combo ULD 6300

Bandwidth  Upto 4 Mbps till 200 GB, Upto 1 Mbps beyond 200 GB

Monthly Charges (Rs) 6300

Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

BSNL Broadband Plans for Home Users only  Plans Full Details.

Unlimited BSNL

* In NCR SSAs (only in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon & Noida), available free calls under combo plans are offered as 50% calls within BSNL N/w and 50% calls to other N/w w.e.f. 01-04-2013.
#Upto 4 Mbps till 30 GB, 512 Kbps beyond in selected Circle/SSAs (Karnataka Circle, Tamilnadu Circle, Hyderabad SSA, Faridabad SSA, Noida SSA, Gurgaon SSA, Gaziabad SSA only) .


  • ULD stands for Unlimited with differential speed.
  • The above rates are exclusive of Service Tax, which will be charged as per prevailing tariff.
  • Security deposit for local/STD/ISD facility and installation charges as applicable shall be taken from the customer.
  • FMC under broadband “BB Home Combo ULD 999” plan has been revised from Rs 999/- to Rs.1099/- in the Odisha circle, selected SSAs of MP Circle and selected SSAs of Maharashtra Circle.
  • Only in the Odisha circle, FMC of broadband “BBG Combo ULD 6300” plan has been revised from Rs. 6300/- to Rs. 6999/-.
  • @ Only in the Odisha circle, FMC of broadband “BBG Combo ULD 1495” plan is Rs.1550/-

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  1. JOWIN says:

    I have recieved a payment amount of 2019 as firstmonth charge in 499 BB ULD Combo plan.In bill 1999 is shown as one time charge.Clarify about this amount which was not mentioned during taking connection. Is it refundable?

    • vishnu says:

      You can go to bsnl office and talk to account manager about this problem , i also got charged like this while changing plan . in your case it is fresh connection , i hop that is charged for modem or 3 months advance rent as security deposit . any way go to bsnl office they will help you .

    • Abilash A says:

      Hi Jovin, did you get your issue resolved? what was their explanation for One time charge?

  2. geetha says:

    hi sir, which broadband plan is better for online jobs.

    • vishnu says:

      Totally depends on which type of work you are going to do online ! Normal works like DATA ENTRY , Share trading , Blogging e.t.c works fine on a 512 KBPS connection . Need to run Simultaneous Tasks Get a 2 Mbps connection .

    • Karthick says:

      I want part time online jobs, Kindly suggest some jobs

  3. Tanweer Khan says:

    Plans look like getting better but changes to the plans made without any prior notice to consumers. I opted to pay yearly and now have to pay around 2000 rupee for each month. Thumbs down for BSNL!! =(

  4. N HASAN says:

    Its really horrible to deal with BSNL internet.
    First I took combo plan of Rs.900/- that was supposed to give me internet speed of 3.5-4 Mbps. My monthly bill was about Rs. 1000-1200/-(with tax). But the speed I was getting was 60 kbps to Maximum0.1 mbps. My several complaints yielded no results even after a visit of a engineer after long pursuance. I changed the plan to 512 KBPS unlimited but the speed I am getting is 53.9 Kbps as of today. ( My internet cable lines are all clean. BSNL-HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING. I may shift to internet of a private company. BSNL Govt company ha unke employees ki salary to pakki hai.. costumers pareshan hon..unko kya faraq padta hai.. compnay loss me jana hai jaye..

    • Sagar says:

      I think may be the problem with you is the BIT-BYTE confusion.KBps=Kilo Bytes per sec and
      kbps=Kilo Bits per second.
      1BYTE =8BITS
      so if the plan is 512 kbps plan means 512/8 KBps=around 64 KBps.
      53.9 KBps~~64Kbps is what you should get according to your 512 kbps Plan.
      Most of us confuse with this as the service providers show their plan in kbps and the download managers in our pcs use KBps for speed measurement.

    • Zor says:

      dude that is 512kbps plan ie. 512/8=64KBps max.
      Seems to me u are getting fine speed

    • uttam says:

      baby 512kbps mean 64 KB/s.
      1 byte = 8 bits. so if your getting 55 kb/s so it is good. No problem. i think you misunderstood about speed

    • Ketan says:

      Sahi kaha. Mere sath bhi same hua hai. 3rd class service hai BSNL.

    • Noel GeorgiI says:

      I think Bsnl has the best plans around. I keep my modem on for 24×7 and have no disconnection issues, except during thunderstorms when the lighting protector grounds the signal. I use 900 plan and I download a maximum of 150gb a month, minimum around 130gb. So please don’t blame BSNL. Private companies internet services sucks, many disconnection problems, even with cable modems. BSNL is awesome.

  5. Kaushik Nag says:

    Please rectify BB Home Combo ULD 950 bandwidth speed as 4Mbps Upto 8 GB then 512 Kbps. In your webpage it is written as 1 Mbps upto 8 GB then 512 Kbps.

  6. asish says:

    actually i changed my broadband plan to BB HOME COMBO ULD650… there any extra charges for BB HOME COMBO ULD650 plan??????
    in self portal a amount of 350 is showing and its increasing daily!! so what does it mean?
    plzzzz tel me whats the problem on it???????

    • vishnu says:

      it is strange !! in COMBO ULD650 plan your bb+phone rent = 650 , if you made calls from landline then you will get extra bill for that . any way contact your account manager

  7. Sathish says:


    Bsnl claims that BB Home Combo ULD 950 is unlimited ! But Speed is Upto 4Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB. But this type of Unlimited plans will never bring you extra Bill !



    • Sri Teja CH says:

      Hi, Satish,
      The 4 Mbps promised by BSNL is bandwidth not download speed. The small (b) in Mb refers to bits. It means 4 Mega bits per second.
      As 1 byte = 8 bits, 4 Mega bits = 4/8 Mega bytes.

      That is you should get a download speed around 512 KBps (HERE B STANDS FOR BYTES).
      You said that you are getting speeds of 1.7 – 1.9 MBps. It is more than promised dude!!!! So Enjoy!!!!

      Final Word:-
      b –> bits
      B –> bytes

    • sagar says:

      same problem!!

    • Mikkan says:

      I also took up the ULD-950 plan and found the speed to me what you were mentioing.Your download wil be 1.7Mbps and upload wil be around 0.3 to 0.4Mbps- SOs total bandwidth is 2Mbps.I got suspecious and spoke to the echange people and insisted that there is something wrong.So finally that lady confessed me that by default or accidentaaly they have kept the 2Mbps proifile to my account.Now they changed to 4Mbps profile.I can see the DL speed to 3.3 and UL speed to be 0.7 or 0.8!!!.
      Try your luck!!!

  8. sarvesh says:

    any charges taken for switching of plans? Since I too recieved the bill of around 2000/- when i switched in to 650 uld .

    • vishnu says:

      Talk with the account manager , it is an error . I got new bill

    • Aayush says:


      Bsnl BB Home ComboULD 650 includes the net usage as well as the combo of 100 units of free BSNL-to-BSNL Landline calls.

      I think you have also taken a landline too and if you make calls to the numbers of other operators than bsnl, then it would add up in your bill. So I would suggest you to stop calling mobile phones using Bsnl LL and use some other prepaid mobile phone for the purpose.

      This method will save your money as calling mobile sets using Landline is really expensive.


  9. abhishek says:

    which is the best combo plan with fast net below Rs1000……………

    plz telll me……………………

    • vishnu says:

      Difficult to say , it depends your Needs . Need Just Fast INTERNET and Not need to download/Upload too much data some plans under 1000 are good . 1540 is good

  10. Sri Teja CH says:

    Any increase in speeds in BB Home 625 plan? I should get speed of 512 Kbps. But yesterday I got upto 1.5 Mbps. And today it went to 3 Mbps!!!! Plz say will I be charged extra bill?

  11. Rohit says:

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

    I just wanted to ask one thing.

    Suppose I take BB Home ULD 800.

    I don’t use telephone much; but keep internet always ON.

    So, can my monthly bill ever be more than 800?

    If yes, then how much can it ever be?

    Can it reach > 2000 Rupees?

    Also, I currently have ll-free-calls-50-1 as my landline bill along with bbg-fn-home-500-monthly for my landline. But I need an unlimited BB.

    Should I consider getting BB Home ULD 800?

    • vishnu says:

      If you not Used Phone I think you only get 800+Tax (First month maybe more ! ASK Them before subscribing ) I am using 1450 I am getting 1571 every month … No landline usage .. so it is safe to go with UNLIMITED 😀

  12. salam says:

    i am an NRI, i need an internet package for my mobile line, which are the offers Are available. CAN U HELP ME

  13. john says:

    I took combo plan of Rs.500/- that was supposed to give me internet speed of 512kbps. But the speed I was getting was 50 kbps.why?

  14. Karan says:

    BSNL is doomed. Its losses are more than its earnings. Thats because of their shitty service as well as unstable and overpriced plans. The Plans are expensive and of no good. I wonder when they gonna provide better services well as affordable high speed plans. Rs 650 for just 256Kbps at-least they should provide 512Kbps Unlimited in that Cost.
    Reliance is providing of Rs 900 1mbps stable and unlimited plan.

    And they say our Country is a Tycoon in IT and Communication Sector.

  15. nayan kashyap says:

    can any 1 tell me 1 thing why is so costly BSNL BroadBand plan just look — Airtel ,, ,, thay are giving highspeed internet just a low price ….

    for examplae 16 MBPS 1100 only …

  16. Ravi says:

    I am a BSNL user I live in Bangalore and in my area its only BSNL which is bit better than others.

    I am using BSNL from past 3 years it was fine and never had any complaints untill recently there is a frequent disconnection issue, loged complaints numerous times but nothing happens , their technicians are computer illiterate. All they will do is they will bring their own modem and momentarily show working internet and then will say your modem is faulty.

    Moral of the story is you can go for BSNL but if you face any issues with connection then it is not going to get resolved ever

  17. M.KUMAR says:

    I want to change my HOME COMBO 800 to HOME COMBO 650 PLAN , what can i do

  18. Pratik says:

    I started using bsnl broadband home 800 plan just a few days ago. As per bsnl, upto 6 GB I will get 1mbps speed and after that 512kbps. How much downloading speed should I expect at start? I am getting uptp 60kbps downloading speed right now.

    • vishnu says:

      upto 6 GB 128KBps Download speed (+ or – 20 KBPS) From a Good Server (Download files from Google , Microsoft etc.) After that 64 KBps UNLIMITED !!

  19. M.KUMAR says:

    I have abroadband connection how can I create my accont?

  20. dinesh says:

    I have BSNL phone connection at home(with monthly phone rent).Now im planning to get broadband connection…..which plan shall i go???
    my friends suggested me to go for home combo 650….(for no telephone rent)

    wat abt home ULD 525?? is there additional phone rent for for this plan???
    will i get monthly 525+phone rent??
    pls help me!!

    • vishnu says:

      Only Combo plans have No extra telephone rent . So you can choose any combo plan .. Unlimited Plan never gives you extra bill !! Safe

  21. Govind G M says:

    I have combo plan of 950 per month.The usage of telephone has been very less say Rs.20/per month whereas broadband with speed is required.
    Which plan is better?

    • vishnu says:

      1450 is better . 4 MBPS up to 20 (30 + some area ) GB after that 512 KBPS … it is enough for a normal user

  22. gourav says:

    i want new bsnl broadband connection with 650 combo plan. how much i have to pay in advance for that. i have my own wifi modem.

  23. RoshenShaan says:

    I need an internet unlimited broadband connection(bsnl). all ready have a land line connection.and i am living in a rural please advice me which plan is better for me.and about the bill amount for 1 year including installation ,deposit and all are hidden charges.because may be i will disconnect after 1 please advice me.(can i use video calls like skype,yahoo etc..)

    • vishnu says:

      ULD 1450 is better for Medium user . It depends on your usage . always take 1 Mbps + connections for video calls like skype,yahoo etc

  24. Mithun says:

    BSNL is not providing any plan with at least 1MBPS constant speed(Without fair usage of 4GB/8GB etc) for home users in affordable price.(There is one plan which cost more than 6k per month, who will afford such costly plan for home use) As a student of foreign university i am compelled to go through lot of video tutorials provided, but after initial 8GB with 4 MBPS 512 kbps is pathetic speed for live streaming video tutorials. We are living in 21st century with high speed broadband…but BSNL still talking about 256 kbps, 512kbps. They are still thinking Indians using internet only for emails ….no other use which require high bandwidth for home usage Unfortunately no private competitors for BSNL in rural areas and they are ruling without providing better service for customers. Costumers are compelled to go with BSNL as there is no competitor.

  25. manikandan says:

    I just wanted to ask one thing I took the BB Home combo ULD 650 plan.

    I am use telephone much lesser; but keep internet always ON.

    So, can my monthly bill ever be more than 650+ service tax only?

  26. tushar says:

    hi im A new user of bsnl and im currently using the plan of 650 plzzzzzzzzz tell me that under this plan unlimited downloading comes ?

  27. sreejith says:

    Dear sir,
    i hav the BB Home ULD 525 connection. i really confused know about the bandwidth 512 Kbps upto 4 GB, 256 Kbps beyond.(actually my net speed is getting slowing down) what iam asking that is this limit will refresh after one month.( i can get the speed 512 kbps after one month ? or beyond 4GB 256kbps will stay forever…?)
    plz reply

  28. tuli says:

    Hii .. wanted to know can we know which plan is being used for bsnl broadband from ……??

  29. K V S BHASKAR says:


  30. jeet says:

    Is rental charge included in BB Home Combo ULD 800

  31. Sahil says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’ve got BB Home Combo ULD 950 plan & a discount of 20% for Govt. employee so I pay only 760.Now if I want to pay annually, will I’ve to pay complete 9500 or 20% of 9500.

  32. vijay says:

    Sir.. I am going to.use. Rs.525 plan
    Will it provide 512KBps speed or.. 512kbps.
    KBps = kilo byte pr sec. kbps = kilo bit per second.

  33. keshow says:

    sir I am using BB Home ULD 950 plan accordin to which I should get a transfer rate of around 500KBps but I am getting around what can I do to increase the speed

  34. Anshul Gupta says:

    There are some facts not known to costumers.

    Recently the free calls in combo plans has been restricted to bsnl network only. earlier it was to all network.

    Also 20% off is applicable for public and government sectors and 1% charge for paying online is not applicable to any customer availing any other discount facility.

  35. Ravindra says:

    Is there any discounted combo plans for Rural/Urban areas..????

  36. rmk says:

    I am using FN500 plan from 6 years…
    Now I am planning to shift it to BB 950 ULD..
    So how much will it cost?
    Please tell me in detail…..
    What will be the first bill amount?
    After first bill,next bill amount will be fixed always?
    Do I need to pay fixed landline bill always (like FN 500)?

    Please help me…….

    • vishnu says:

      BB 950 ULD means 950+tax it is a combo plan so no telephone rent .
      Do I need to pay fixed landline bills always (like FN 500)? NO combo means telephone rent + broadband .
      Go to your bsnl office and give an application for a plan change .
      they will help you

  37. David says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want at least 100GB at 4-8 MBPS…. Most of the usage will be for watching youtube and downloading videos.

    Can you please suggest a plan for me and also the procedure to get a broadband connection.


  38. dinesh says:

    i would like to have combo650 but i am living in rural area . can u say me would be the appx speed i can get by this connection

  39. sameer says:

    am used 500 combo ltd pack changed my plan to 650 home combo uld pack sep 21st onwards…will i get any extra bill in this month..and 650 home combo uld pack is safe or unsafe…650 combo uld is fully unltd or not?
    pls tell

    • vishnu says:

      It is unlimited And Safe !.
      No you will not get any extra bill .(If got any extra bill it can be avoid by contacting bsnl office )

  40. Naveen says:

    Is it possible to order BSNL broadband service online (I’m abroad but will be arriving at my parents place in a couple of weeks and would like to have broadband service turned on before the holidays)? Also is there a telephone number to contact BSNL Broadband Sales/Service Office that is not a 800 number (as these do not work from outside of India unfortunately!). – thanks for your help!

    • vishnu says:

      Every state has bsnl dedicated websites , you can get the number from your state bsnl website . I think you don’t have to contact them right now , taking broadband is an easy 10 minute process , in most cases you will get connected same day .

  41. jeet says:

    is landline rental charge included in bb home combo uld 800 plan??

  42. Arnab Basu says:

    I have recently changed my limited rs.600 plan with BB HOME COMBO ULD 800.What is the monthly phone rent that i have to pay?
    And will i have to make any security deposits for the first month?

  43. Sagar says:

    hello, hwz speed of 525 plan, is it sufficient for browsing YouTube without buffering
    n can wifi modem deliver good speed across 2bhk flat for same plan..,,

  44. Gamer says:

    Hey admin, could you please tell me, that economically, which plan i should choose so that i can get a speed of greater than or = to 512KB/s of downloading speed.

  45. M R Goplani says:

    At present I have BSNL Broadband basic unlimited which is available to State Government employees. My speed test revealed a speed of 555 kbps. I am not happy with the speed. My requirement is watching online videos without downloading. I wish to know which plan will be suitable to me? Please help

  46. Saurabh says:

    Currently i am planning to opt a new broadband connection but here, the only option that i have left is to choose bsnl bb services.
    I am planning to take a uld 950 pack for the broadbnd. My only question is that, will i get a speed of 400kB/s-500kB/s ?
    I need this fast speed coz i want to skype with my friends and to surf the YT videos!
    And plz reply the answer of my question, plz! 🙂

    • vishnu says:

      For 950[Bandwidth 4 Mbps upto 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB] after 8 gb you will get 60 to 70 KBps download speed it is 512kbps

      better go for BBG Combo ULD 1425#

      Bandwidth 4Mbps upto 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GB

      Applicability: HOME /Business

      Monthly Charges (Rs)1425

      Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !
      #Upto 4 Mbps till 30 GB, 512 Kbps beyond in selected Circle/SSAs (Karnataka Circle, Tamilnadu Circle, Hyderabad SSA, Faridabad SSA, Noida SSA, Gurgaon SSA, Gaziabad SSA only) .
      ## Upto 4 Mbps till 100 GB, 256 Kbps beyond in selected Circle/SSAs (Karnataka Circle, Tamilnadu Circle, Hyderabad SSA, Faridabad SSA, Noida SSA, Gurgaon SSA, Gaziabad SSA only).
      ### Upto 4 Mbps till 175 GB, 256 Kbps beyond in selected Circle/SSAs (Karnataka Circle, Tamilnadu Circle, Hyderabad SSA, Faridabad SSA, Noida SSA, Gurgaon SSA, Gaziabad SSA only).

  47. Rohit says:

    Respected admin,
    If i opt BB Home Combo ULD 950 plan, will i get a speed of ~400kB/s before 8GB of usage?
    please reply.

  48. Sri Prakash Sinha says:

    I want to upgrade my BBHome ComboULD650 plan to
    BBHome Combo ULD950 plan.How i could get it.
    Can i order through net for the change or I had to apply at the bsnl office for the same.
    Pl. reply.

  49. surya says:

    hello admin,

    i want to share my internet connection to two computers…which plan is good for this purpose…can u please explain what does ‘ALL USERS’ in business plan mean?

    Does it mean all users will get same speed

  50. SAM says:

    the problem with BSNL and all other telecommunication providers is infrastructure
    they don’t watch to invest in it. like most other sectors india is near bottom at internet speed too.

    i use local isp which provide 30-40KBPS in 515rs+tax[better than almost every other network]. rarely network goes down

    but even they provide plans with CAP if anyone wish to get speed above 256kbps.

    reliance has 1mbps 650rs plan but in area where they have cable network.

    WIMAX is only used by BSNL : seems like it has no future.

    really indian digital entrepreneurs suffer b/c of such issues
    and IT generate huge revenue for them.

    before 2020 we can’t expect 1mbps as standard.

    • Franklin Premraj says:

      Well said Sam! This is the current scenario of the Internet revolution in India! Even though Airtel has launched 4g in some cities, we can’t expect it to provide 1mbps speed consistently. What could be the solution? Our digital entrepreneurs need to think and sort it out.

  51. Ramesh S. Bhide. says:

    Plan #1
    BB Home ULD 525

    Bandwidth 512 Kbps upto 4 GB, 256 Kbps beyond 4 GB

    Applicability: HOME ONLY

    Monthly Charges (Rs) 525

    Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited !

    Look at the above plan I am using in Pune having a telephone No.020-24321059. For last six months I am observing that though I am paying as Per the plan I am not getting the speed as stated in the plan. In addition there is regular problem of disconnection of either DSL or internet. Let any proper authority of TRAI must look into the matter as is symbolic representation of so many in my friends group of Senior Citizens.

  52. Gaurav Kumar says:

    hey can u tell me that surfing is also include in 8 GB or not?,also suggest that after over 8 GB in 950 plan surfing speed will also be reduced to 512 kbps,or online video watch on you tube is also in 8 GB

    • vishnu says:

      Surfing speed is very good as always , but when you start watching YouTube videos or downloading files the speed will decrease to 512 k [60k download speed ] (After 8 GB)

  53. sran says:

    i am using uld 800 plan getting speed not more than 20 kbps , no body picking phone in bsnl exchange

    suggest me for this poor service.
    BSNL Means Bhai Sahib Nahi Lagega

  54. Kesavachandran says:

    I have recently changed from old Home Combo 500 to BB Home Combo ULD 650.I find the download when i was trying to install AVG Free home anti virus was very slow never going beyond 59 kbps.I don’t know if it was due to local network problems(Palakkad Area)With my old system the download speeds used to be around 200Kbps although daytime usage was chargeable beyond the free limit.I don’t know if other users have faced problems as I have stated.A clarification will be much appreciated

    • vishnu says:

      That is the max speed for 512k connection . Also the connection speed depends upon many factors .. My KASPERsky is updated at 6.2kbps (4Mbps plan … getting 2.7 from good server ) …

  55. krunal says:

    i want to take combo 650/- plan. cn u tell me the total amt including tax n also d cost of installation, modem n landline. thnxx

  56. Franklin Premraj says:

    Hi Vishnu, your site is very impressive and helpful and I believe that I’ll get help from you for the problem am facing with my BSNL BB right now. I have a plan of BB1425ULD and since I installed BB in my laptop, many of the sites are not working but rest all other sites are working. surprisingly, all websites are working when am trying to connect to internet with my MTS data card. So this problem is only with the ISP. What could be the problem, pls suggest & help…

    • vishnu says:

      Using any wireless Router ? I think in your router settings the MTU value may be wrong (Maximum transmission unit) you have to change the value in between 1400 and 1500..

  57. kishalaya purkayastha says:

    I am using bsnl home combo 650 plan, and i am supposed to get 64 KBps at max as the plan was described in the official bsnl website. But I am getting a max of 25-31KBps even when I have not exceeded my max download of 4GB.. I did inform my service provider in the near by bsnl office but they could not solve my problem. But i must say that i was very happy while using EVDO unlimited plan 750 I got a max speed of 125 KBps

  58. P.Gaurav says:

    hey vishnu,
    I’m planning take BB Home ULD 800 plan.What will be the total charges including installation+modem+tax (if any).I’ve bsnl landline at home.

  59. vinoth says:

    which plan suitable for skype video calling

  60. jomon says:

    i am using skype for video calling .my bb plan is uld 525 . Is there any adittional charge for skype usage

    • vishnu says:

      No! (Skype may charge you to make call to normal landline or mobile, don’t worry you need to add credit via credit card ) but you can enjoy free Internet call in Skype for free

  61. soumya says:

    i have the 800 ULD plan (for home)
    I wanted to know that if the GB count (i.e 6GB) is calculated from starting of month, 1st of any month or is it some other date???

  62. santhosh says:

    Sir, I want to chane my plan to BB-HomeULD 525. How..?
    Is any option. in Online to chage…

  63. sanan says:

    What is the actual downloading /uploading speed that we get in 512kbps plan?

  64. Sharad Sharma says:

    Currently I have 650 Combo plan. I want to change to 900 combo plan will I be charged for the Feb bill. My bill due date is 28oTH MARCH 2014. Will i be charged in feb 2014 if i change my plan now (On 17.02.2014) on this day i am changing my plan from 650 plan to 950 plan

  65. Jayesh says:

    Hello Vishnu and all the people,
    I have just applied for BB plan change from 650 to 950 today itself. Now many of my questions have been answered after reading this blog. Very nice info provided. Great!!! I still have few queries that, do I need to do any manual settings or configure my router (BSNL router on rent) manually or anything in the telephone line to get the 950 plan speed as described? Or is it just automatically done? I have the BSNL router on rent for Rs80PM. Do I need to upgrade/change my router as well to get the speed of 950 plan? How long does it take for the new plan to come into effect? I am from Veraval, Gujarat. Thank in advance. Jayesh

    • vishnu says:

      Plan change will mostly take effect on the same day of application submitted! …for 950 That modem/router is fine

  66. rakesh says:

    If BSNL staff work with full dedication then It can brought out a revolutionary change in India. Secondialy this is possible if the staff gets various enumeration from the Govt.

    But Overall BSNL is good than other cheating companies.

  67. Abishek says:

    I currenly have home combo uld 800 plan. I am currently getting 1.2 to 1.5 mbps speed. I want to have 4 mbps speed. So I need to have 950 plan. If i switch to it. Will I get extra bill??

  68. BSNL at present providing excellent services to its customers.

  69. saurabh says:

    i want to take a plan of rs. 525 how much my bill came my father was an government employee i have BSNL mobile connection

  70. miku says:

    can i switch my internet plan without extra cost?

  71. Tony Singh says:

    I live in the US & visit Kolkata 2/3 times a year for couple of months each time.. Have a landline.. Would like to use my I pad at home & as such need wi fi.
    What would you recommend & how does one go about it..the landline is with BSNL.

  72. Sayan says:

    can any one tell me which will be the suitable plan for attending online video(live) lectures without buffering?

  73. Mohideen says:

    Vishnu, I was going thru BSNL Wifi new connection and got in to this site and was going thru all the Q and ur Ans to that. Fantastic. ur prompt reply and answers are very clear without any doubts. Congrats Vishnu..

  74. chaitra says:

    I have a BSNL landline connection. I need an unlimited BB connection which would help me in browsing at any given point of time and also download stuffs I need for my professional benefits. could u please suggest me a good plan I can opt for,..


  75. Aswin says:

    i mean is 650 slower than old 499?

  76. aadithrajkv says:

    guys its just giving that speed but the problem is not with your wire or any think it is the problem of public like many joints and as far you are from the exchange if you have a 900/- rs plan you should get 250 kbs minimum and 670 kbs max if you are 1km fasr and there are more than 100 houses between it it does affect your speed
    as 10 – 150 kbs i call the exchange ask for whats my speed and tell my speed then said if your are far it is slow i have a home combo bb 650 and till 4gb iam getting around 47 to an 70 kbs and after that iam getting 20 to 35 kbs

  77. madhav says:

    I am planning to take the rs 950 broadband plan but i wanted to know wether the existing landline plan will continue along with the broadband plan or not ? If not can i opt for the additional existing plan also or not ? Please let me know ?

  78. Chethan says:


    I was under BSNL Combo ULD 650 plan and suddenly I’m surprised to see my bill for june month that monthly charges has been 675 and without any notice or advertise, they have raised from 650 to 675. Just want to make sure from when have they changed it and without intimating in any newspaper or other media, they have have raised it. Also let me know whether plan has changed from 650 to 675 now?

  79. ajay says:

    I getting full 64 kb/s speed in my 512 kbp/s plan

  80. Sreehari says:

    I have subscribed for BSNL combo ULD 650 plan. but i have got a bill of Rs. 2228 in the first month. I haven’t made any landline calls also. How can this happen? is there any limit for downloading? my usage for this month is about 20GB.

    • vishnu says:

      May be security deposit, Modem charges etc. Contact your account manager. Next month itself you will getting Plane price + tax only . there is no download limit 🙂

  81. kumar says:

    Can I use combo 675 plan for using Skype and YouTub?

  82. Chethan says:

    Docket no. under 112275451662 was raised for Internet is not working since 8th November 2014. Can someone please rectify it because landline is working which BSNL used to work immediately when raised complaint online but this time they have not rectified it. Can you please attend the docket no provided?

  83. chirag bhaumik says:

    Hi,my father himself works in bsnl office in agartala(tripura).we us bsnl broadband and its speed is fantastic that too in a low plan.

  84. Sagar says:

    I am thinking to choose BBG Combo ULD 999 plan for Share trading & it’s online training including video calling. Is above plan suitable for my work. And how much bill will be including all taxes (Only internet usages) ?

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